All-Natural Organic Herbal and Medicinal Teas
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Relieve your indigestion

Soothe your belly with this comforting tea featuring the power of chamomile flowers.


Unwind from your day

This de-stressing and digestion supportive tea harnesses the power of lemon balm leaves to help you unwind from a long day.


Get a good night’s sleep

Quit counting sheep with our sleep formula for when you need a little extra help snoozing. Passionflower and valerian will help mellow you out and help you drift off peacefully.


Take a tea moment

Enjoy each sip of this comforting tea featuring the power of chamomile and lavender.


Wind down

Hectic holiday schedules got you feeling run-down? De-stress with our calming blend of herbs after a long day.


Featured Products

Digestive Relief with Ginger Aid

Discover the wonders of Ginger Aid tea for relieving digestive upset.

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Quality Difference

We’re plant-loving, dirt-digging herb nerds with an almost uptight obsession for high quality.

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Steep Sustainably

We have a responsibility to the earth, to the growers and wild collectors of our plants, and to you.

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Meet Your Plants

Curious about the high quality herbs that go into our teas? Find out more about these plants, where they come from, and why we use them.

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