All-Natural Organic Herbal and Medicinal Teas

Stimulate with dandelion

Pleasantly roasted with bitter notes, this dandelion tea helps to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.


Refreshing and Minty

Refreshing and undeniably minty, there's no better end to a meal than our invigorating Peppermint tea.


Unwind from your day

Pleasantly mild, with subtle citrus notes, this lemon balm tea is perfect to incorporate into your daily routine at the end of a long day.


Get cozy with chamomile

Fragrant and floral with honey notes, this chamomile tea is perfect for when you need to take a moment for a well-deserved rest.


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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

We believe that to brew well is to be well.

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Quality Difference

We’re plant-loving, dirt-digging herb nerds with an almost uptight obsession for high quality.

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Steep Sustainably

We have a responsibility to the earth, to the growers and wild collectors of our plants, and to you.

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Meet Your Plants

Curious about the high quality herbs that go into our teas? Find out more about these plants, where they come from, and why we use them.

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