Our Difference

We’ve got the right stuff

We raise the bar and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Any hot tea can comfort you, but the right blend will benefit you while it comforts you. Find out a little more about what makes us different, better.

Our safety and efficacy: Most of our teas are licensed Natural Health Products, meaning they’re recognized as safe and effective natural medicines you can trust. The herbs in our tea bags make more than just a cup of tea – they deliver plant-based, traditional herbal remedies to many common ailments. LEARN MORE >>

Our high quality herbs: We try to source our herbs from their native habitats because herbs that are “at home” tend to have the right balance of active compounds, and most of our herbs are grown organically. LEARN MORE >>

Our herbalists’ formulations: We don’t just make products because they sound good. Our trained herbalists are stewards of traditional herbal knowledge, basing our products on herbal combinations that have been helping people for centuries. LEARN MORE >>

Our quality control: Our herbs go through a minimum of nine rounds of rigorous testing before they make it to your tea bag. From the microscopist and lab analysts who test each herb’s identity, strength and purity to the cupping team who ensure the tea tastes right, we’re all a bit obsessive about quality. The result: teas you can trust. LEARN MORE >>

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