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More than just a cup of tea.

Most of our teas are Natural Health Products – that means they’re safe, effective over the counter remedies.

Natural Health Products (NHPs) restore or maintain good health. The health claims on our tea boxes are supported by evidence, which, depending on the products, may include evidence of traditional use, clinical trial data or references to published studies, and our manufacturing facilities follow Good Manufacturing Practices – procedures designed to keep consumers safe.

To meet the strict licensing requirements necessary to become a Natural Health Product, along with our own high standards, we must ensure that the herbs we’re using have the “right stuff” – they must meet the high standard of pharmacopoeial grade. A pharmacopoeia is an official book of quality standards for herbs, vitamins, and drugs that ensures the right quality and the correct effect for their intended purpose.

Each herb has its own quality standard to ensure optimal activity. That can mean high essential oil content, the right amount of bitterness, or a specific level of an active compound. But the result for each is the same: a tea that has power. So when you’re looking for a tea with verified health benefits, make sure to look for a Natural Product Number, or NPN prominently displayed.

If you would like to learn more about Natural Health Products, click here to read how the Canadian Health Food Association defines these products.

These licensing requirements are just one of the sets of standards we hold ourselves to. Another? Thousands of years of herbal wisdom and tradition.

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