Best Teas for Relaxation and Sleep Support

Nature has a seemingly magical ability to make us feel relaxed and at ease. Whether it’s a long camping trip in the woods or just a brisk walk down the street, spending time outdoors and with the plants can lift the spirit. Taking the time to enjoy these simple pleasures reminds us of how powerful plants truly are. Here at Traditional Medicinals, we have crafted a line of teas using some of our favorite herbs traditionally used to promote calm, ease stress, and support restful sleep. Let us help you determine which blends are best for your unique needs.

When deciding which herbs are right for you, let’s take a traditional herbalist’s approach by first determining the root cause of your inability to relax. Perhaps you feel restless, irritable, have difficulty sleeping, or in more extreme cases, you struggle with insomnia due to mental stress. It could be general tension, potentially contributing to a state of nervousness. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a gentle formula to maintain a sense of calm. If you identify with any of these energetic states, we have a tea blend just for you!

We’ve created this decision tree to highlight our favorite relaxation teas so that you can choose the best tea for you.

While honing your herbal skills, take notice of the through-line amongst all of our relaxation teas: each of these blends contains at least one herb in the Lamiaceae, or mint family. Catnip, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, and skullcap are all mints! While they may not all have that familiar minty flavor, they are all easily identified by their square stem, and share one unique trait, they contain aromatic molecules, called volatile or essential oils.

Cup of Calm® tea: Designed to gently promote a sense of calm, this brew is a tasty blend of calming chamomile and passionflower, with some enticing additions like spearmint, and licorice root to make for easy drinking.

Nighty Night® tea: This blend features passionflower for its usefulness as a night time sleep aid, and chamomile. With the addition of catnip and hops, this blend intends to carry you away to dreamland.

Nighty Night Extra™ tea: Valerian root is showcased in this bedtime beverage. It is traditionally used in herbal medicine as a night time sleep aid and to help relieve nervousness as it is classified as a calmative and sedative. Combined with lemon balm, caraway, peppermint, and licorice root, this blend is both functional and flavorful.

Stress Soother® Cinnamon tea: Skullcap is the medicinal herb in this blend, as it is traditionally used in herbal medicine to ease stress, tension, and irritability. It is combined with cinnamon and licorice root for a sweet and warming kick.

If you’re feeling like you need some herbal support to relax, we suggest trying out one of these teas while listening to your body’s infinite wisdom. Be gentle with yourself, breathe and take breaks when you need them, and do something to nourish your spirit every day.

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