Starting Healthy Habits in the New Year

A new year means new opportunities! As one year ends and another begins, it’s the perfect time to press reset and make an effort to incorporate new healthy habits.

We’ve created this list of possibilities we feel will add even more happiness and wellness to your life in 2015. Please know that incorporating even one of these ideas is a huge accomplishment.

1. Wake up slowly, and enjoy some tea. While it’s easy to skip breakfast and go straight for the coffee, try something more nourishing this year. Be sure to give yourself time to eat well, and try sipping on something different in the morning, like our zesty Green Tea Ginger.

2. Go outside, and get some fresh air. Make it a point to take breaks at work, and breathe fully. It is so important that we stay in touch with the seasons and feel the sun our skin.

3. Stay active. Whether it’s simply choosing to walk to the grocery store or investing in group exercise classes, stretch and move your body daily.

4. Keep a journal. Journaling can be a great way to process emotions and understand your body more fully. We like to journal about plants, their structure, ecosystem and uses, so we can develop a deeper connection to the green world.

5. Learn new things. What is it you’ve always wanted to do? This is the year to make it happen. Make your dreams a reality by scheduling the time.

6. Clean and keep clean. Prevent unnecessary stress by creating clean and organized spaces.

7. Get in touch with the Earth. Explore nearby state or regional parks, and get to know your local eco-system. Recognize patterns, and learn about the native and medicinal plant species all around you.

8. Get better sleep. It’s not breaking news that your body needs sleep to stay well and be vibrant. Try turning off electronics early and getting some extra sleep this year.

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